Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Unabashed Request

I have a favor to ask everyone who stops by. I entered a picture of my cat, Kneadermeier, in a "cutest cat" contest and now I need you all to vote for her picture. It's at . It's a "head to head" contest going in several rounds so I'd appreciate it if you could see it all the way through. The first round ends on February 20th.

The "grand prize" is $32. Leave me a comment that you voted for Kneadermeier and when she wins I'll share it with you. Well, not really, kitty needs cat food. But leave a comment anyway!



Anonymous said...

Kneadermeier’s photo has my vote. Hmmm, the photo you have posted in your blog is easier to see than the one at the web site. Is there a way to switch so folk can have a better looksee of her. She IS adorable. Love, M

Anonymous said...

Uh oh -- poor grammar. I meant to write: Is there a way to switch the photos so that folks can have a better view of her?

Sorry about that in the first comment. Kneadermeier is STILL adorable. Love, M

wozog said...

THis is a very cute picture. Your dog's tail is covering your cats cute face. Next round you can switch pictures. Remember the thumb.