Thursday, February 7, 2008


Remember about 40 days ago I picked a bunch of lemons and besides all the juicing I started a batch of limoncello? It was time to start the second half of the production. But first I had to go shopping for a sealable glass container.

According to the recipe instructions the container needed to be a 1 gallon glass or crockery container. The little jar I had started everything in was only about a six cup container.

I started at Linens 'N Things but they had nothing large enough that was made out of the proper material. I'm guessing plastic may be too porous and would allow the alcohol to evaporate. That's just a guess, of course. If that were to happen then what would be the point? Very expensive lemonade! Then I made my way to the Target and found exactly what I was looking for. Even the lid has a lining that allows it to push down and make a good seal.

Here's a picture of my new jar (which is supposedly a 1 1/2 gallon) compared to the "starter" jar. It looks like one of those jars you see in the mad scientist movies that have pickled brains in them. Hmm. When we're done with this that might just happen...

In forty days we will strain the zest from the liquid and it should be ready to drink at that point.

The original recipe came from the Sunset Magazine and you can find it by clicking here. The only thing different that we did was we did not add the rosemary.

I'll let you know how it turns out. (I'm wondering if I should start a second batch now...)

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