Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Change of Pace

First of all I need to make a few corrections. The photo from May 12th where I said "I believe this is a female red cardinal" is indeed incorrect (remember I said "I believe..."). I've been informed that it is a house finch. Also the cactus identified as "chollo" from the May 14th blog is correctly spelled "cholla". I blame Google for that one. I'm sorry about the incorrect identifications, and thanks to Kenny for the corrections!!

Secondly I realize I forgot to give proper credit to two of the photos from the May 13th blog. The pictures of the bobcat and the bunny on the golf course were taken by my SIL from OR. I don't know if she wants to have her name made public so that's all I'll say for now. The bunny picture is exactly how she took it, but I did play with the bobcat picture and enlarged it using my Nikon Picture Project software. Sorry for the omission!

Now for the change of pace from the sheep butt photos!

Here's the latest on the garden. Our poor neglected garden. With the weather turning scorchingly hot we should have been watering once in the morning and once in the evening. I took a look at it yesterday afternoon and realized it was not in the best of shape. Most of the plants were quite wilty but they did spring back after being given a thorough watering. The only real casualties were maybe some of the marigolds and the melons. The cabbage, tomatoes, herbs, grapes, and peppers look just fine this morning. I even found a few red tomatoes. They will be the first (besides the grape tomatoes!).

Lovely, prolific, sweet grape tomatoes.

Heat Wave Tomato, what else?
Georgeous red cabbage.


Anonymous said...

You garden still looks super to me! I wish I could emulate all that you do, T.F.!!!

Love You, M

Robbyn said...

Those plants look scrumptious :)