Wednesday, May 7, 2008

While We Wait

Going through all my Arizona pictures is taking a little longer than I thought. Until I get them organized please enjoy the following baby pictures.

Since my daughter is now doing her internship that means the baby stays until her dad gets home from work. He usually picks her up at 4:45. I didn't want to change the time I do my visits with Gus (the Wonder Therapy Dog) which is at 4:00. That means my son has to babysit for about an hour or so until I get home or her dad gets home, whichever comes first. I don't usually like the idea of babies watching tv, but if it helps my poor teenaged son out for the short time he has to watch, then I'm okay with it. (It's only once or twice a week for less than an hour.)

Here they are watching "The Simpsons" on the computer.

Oh, and by the way, notice he finally got a haircut (click then scroll to the bottom to see him before)!

Here's a bathing beauty.

I'm loving the sudsy white 'fro!

This next photo may be a little racy! She's looking like a pin up girl.

And Miss Milk Mouth is exhausted.

Good night!


Anonymous said...

AWWW, love the pics. She is such a doll.

Anonymous said...

She seems to love those Simpsons!!

What a beauty.

Wil is a wonderful uncled, and you are a super grandma.

Love, M

Pam said...

She is beautiful. And your son's hair cut looks an awful lot like what happened here for summer! haha

Robbyn said...

I love that last shot particularly...they're soooooo sweet and when they're all clean and fed, ah, you just want to breathe them in! :)
Happy Mother's day, Tina!!!