Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Francine Number Three

Last night my husband and I were arguing discussing which ewe would be lambing next. He said Francine, I said Baby. He was right. But I don't feel bad about being wrong, because, as you'll recall, I did say I'm not an expert!

Francine must have had her baby around 6 or 7 am. It's a girl!
I had put both 3of4 and Ewenice in one stall with a divider between them in order to leave one stall open in case of a lambing. I'm not sure if Francine had her baby in the stall or not because the stall was clean (no bloody straw) and both she and her baby were out in the big area of the pen.

When I found them it was 8 am and the baby was nice and cleaned up already. I put them in the barn so they could bond.

They are both doing quite well.

Tonight I'll be letting 3of4 and her lamb out into the big pen and I'll put Francine and her lamb in 3of4's place. The usual practice is to allow the mother and lamb(s) 2 - 3 days together to bond. That way it will free up the other stall again in case Jamie or Baby have their baby.

Lamb count to date: 3 boys; 1 girl.


Jenn said...

How cute !

Anonymous said...

I think this is the cutest baby so far. Cover girl material!!

Anonymous said...

I need a baby lamb! So cute!!