Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tail Banding

On the second or third day after the lambs are born it's time to band the tails. That means putting a tight rubber band around the base of the tail. In a few weeks the tail shrivels up and just falls right off. This is done to keep them a bit cleaner on the back end.

It's generally a painless process, except for the first few minutes after applying the band. During that time the lambs will often flop to the ground as if partially paralyzed, baaing in protest. The first time I did it I thought something was seriously wrong, but I was positive I applied the band correctly.

I decided I would check back a little later and if the lamb was still on the ground I would call someone more experienced for help. Twenty minutes later I went back out and the lamb was up and about as if nothing had ever happened.

Tuesday I banded Ewenice's twins. The first was down for a second and back up and normal again before I even got everything ready for the second. The second twin took it a little harder.

Here he is, certain that he's been paralyzed.
He floundered up and then flopped down again. Ewenice is showing her concern. #1 lamb in the next pen is saying "What's the big deal? I had that and it didn't even bother me!"
This picture is from this morning. As you can see they are all out of the barn now and playing happily together, showing no ill effects.
Here's my assistant, next to my bucket-o'-tools. We banded the #4 lamb this morning.
In a few weeks the tails will fall off and they won't even notice!


Anonymous said...

Yes they do look like they are fine, but PLEASE no pictures of the tails on the ground! :0) PB

Anonymous said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Lambs and assistant.

Can't wait to hold that assistant of yours!

Grand Auntie M

Jenn said...

She is a cutie !