Friday, May 16, 2008

The Countdown Begins

According to the sheep lambing calculator that I found on-line the earliest possible date my ewes could lamb would be today. I almost thought Ewenice was in labor when I first went out this morning because she was the only sheep laying down and she seemed to be panting more than usual. But she jumped up and chowed down on breakfast, something she would not have done had she actually been in labor.

To show you the changes I've posted a couple of new "back end" shots. They can be compared with the previous shots from about three weeks ago here. I tried doing the side by side shots on the computer but it wasn't working for me, so this way will have to do.

Here is Baby. Her change is a little subtle, but the change is definate. Here you can see her udder is fuller.

Ewenice looks like she's ready to pop. She probably wishes it were over. It's supposed to be 103 today!!!!
A little difficult to see here, but her udder is fuller too, and her vagina is really saggy. That's how they get, sorry.
This is the rear end of first timer Francine. Also very subtle changes but definately fuller udder than a few weeks ago. The most noticeable change besides Ewenice would be on another first timer, 3of4.
Jamie, 3of4's mother, on the other hand is showing the least amount of changes. Her udder never fully sucked back up so she's always had a bit of a "dangler". I can't really see much enlargement on it, but unless she's been eating way too much, she most definately has a lamb or two inside. Here you can see she is not her usual svelte self.
If I had to guess the order of arrivals, I would guess as follows: Ewenice, 3of4, Baby, Francine, and finally Jamie. And, by the way, I do not consider myself a professional sheep raiser so these really are just guesses!

Time will tell.

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