Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Cows Are Here

The two cows from the Twin Oaks area arrived safe and sound. At first I thought they might be crazy and half wild but they really weren't too bad. Their owner backed her trailer into our driveway. Between the big garage, which I had enough sense to close the door, my trailer parked to one side, and the fence it created an alleyway of sorts. Once the trailer door was opened the cows hopped out and we pushed them into the back yard. They wandered around, checking out my cow in her pen, and the bull in his pen (who was VERY excited). They soon settled into munching on the grass.
I left them alone for about an hour and then went to let the bull out. He was being very proper and when I first opened his gate he pretended he was more interested in the grass than the two newcomers.
Of course that only lasted a minute or two and then he went and started sniffing and licking the new girls. They mooed a little, wondering where they were and what was going on, but today they are all settled and everybody seems happy.

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pam said...

I would moo and wonder if someone came through a gate and sniffed and licked me. Did I just type that? Yeah, I did. Ok....