Friday, July 18, 2008

Together Again

I am happy to report that my daughter and her boyfriend are back together. It seems they had a "long talk" and everything seems to be A-OK again. I am glad that they were able to work out whatever the problem was.

I was afraid that it wasn't going to happen. It seems these days people are too quick to give up on relationships. If there had not been a baby involved I wouldn't have had a problem with it. But when there is another life to think of I think a concerted effort should be made by both parties involved.

I sincerely hope they never break up again. It totally broke my heart and affected not just them but our families also. My mom and dad were never divorced, and my husbands' parents weren't divorced either. Even though it's not uncommon nowadays it's still not something I ever want to have to experience with myself or through my children (even though they aren't technically married...yet).

But just to set the record straight, I don't believe couples should stay together "no matter what". If there is abuse, mental or physical, or infidelity, or one person is doing something illegal then I am all for splitting up. Otherwise in my opinion they should at least make a real effort to work it all out before calling it quits.


Now on to the normal frivolities of this blog.

We recently watched the Cupcake Challenge on the Food Network. That got me in the mood to make cupcakes. Of course by the next morning I totally forgot all about it, but when Carli came over and we went shopping together I suddenly remembered. We bought cake mix and pre-made frosting.

When we got home I couldn't find my muffin pans so we ended up using my mini angel food cake pan. That is one of those things I got on a whim from Williams-Sonoma several years ago (I couldn't find it on their web site but I know I got it from them). I think I've used it about twice.

So here is the result:

I forgot to spray the inside of the pan so they didn't come out very cleanly. That's why they are on their side. Better luck next time.

And guess what I found after everything was said and done? My muffin pans!

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Good family news : )

Those are the cutest cake animals I've ever seen! Who knew that they weren't supposed to be on their sides? They look SCRUMPTOUS!! (drool)

Love, M

Anonymous said...

Glad to read that daughter and boyfriend are together again.

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic!! So happy for all involved!