Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July to everyone.

Earlier this week my son wanted to go and get some more shirts. All his shirts were getting too small, or rather he was growing out of them! Carli had come over with the baby and after picking Wil up from summer school we all went to the mall.

We picked up some shirts and a new pair of shorts for Wil, then got new socks and white t-shirts for my husband since he also needed some. As we were meandering towards the exit I turned to Carli and asked if she wanted to get the baby's ears pierced. My treat.

She had been planning on doing it eventually but didn't know exactly when and well, since I was offering we might as well do it now. We went to the same place where she got her ears pierced when she was about 12 years old.

I know some people don't believe in getting babys' ears pierced but I've always thought it was really cute.
The piercing was free with the purchase of earrings so after we picked out a pair we signed the paperwork and paid up. Carli sat in the chair with the baby on her lap. The technician swabbed the earlobes with alcohol and carefully marked the spot. After getting the thumbs up on the spot she got ready to do the deed.
Carli held the baby's arms down with one of hers and with her other arm held her head. I was sorry I didn't bring my camera to document the event. It kind of made me think of some third world country ritual.

Right about at that point another grandma and her daughter walked by. The daughter was holding a baby about our baby's age. As they walked by the both looked very sympathetic and said "Awww!"
Carli clamped down and the first side went in. The baby started crying and before you know it the second side was in. As soon as Carli stood up and turned the baby towards her shoulder she stopped crying. We think she was more mad at being held immobile than she was crying from the pain of the piercing.

So far so good!

Maybe now when people see her in the grocery cart stuffing her hand in her mouth they won't say, "He's eating his fist!" (That actually happened.)



Robbyn said...

She is a DOLL :) Happy 4th, my dear online blogging friend!

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, I've seen boys wear earrings in both ears. HOWEVER, little one is absolutely adorable, and with those earrings, I'm sure there will be no mistaking her gender.

HAPPY 4th!!!!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY 4th to you all too!!
She gets prettier by the minute, they earrings look too cute! SHE will do fine in the cart from now on!!!

Jenn said...

She looks so cute, I had my oldest done when she was 6 weeks,it did stop some of the (what a cute little boy) but not all of it. I think it's the loud snap of the gun that makes them cry.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

adorable photos! Hope you're having a happy holiday weekend!