Friday, August 8, 2008


No sheep butts, spiders, or dead animals for a while, I promise!

Today the Olympics have started. I'm not big on the opening/closing ceremonies but there is so much hype about how much bigger and grander this opening ceremony is, I might just have to watch it. I'm not real crazy about the outfits our athletes wear either. What's wrong with the regular warm up suit? I suppose they look all nice and professional, like a basketball coach, but then again, the baseball managers (aka coaches) wear uniforms, even though they don't ever play like they possibly would have in the "olden days". (Which is my understanding of why they wear a uniform.) I also don't care for those beret like hats they are all wearing. Just a few people can pull those off, but at least this years' head toppers are better than last times' jester-like monstrosities. I'm probably the only person who did not like them, but oh, well.

I am looking forward to watching the Games. Maybe it will help motivate me to start working out again. I always had this latent fantasy about being in the Olympics in the equestrian sport of Three Day Event. Sadly, I had/have neither the required $$, horse, $$, or talent, or $$. Yes, to be at that level takes a lot of $$. And after I broke both collarbones in separate horse riding accidents I kind of lost my drive.

One thing I don't understand is I thought the Olympics was supposed to be for amateurs. Obviously the rules must have changed since the basketball team is made up of professional players.

It's beginning to sound like I'm complaining a lot so I'll stop about that.

Patti asked for more pictures of the baby so here are some from today.

Here she is with one of her new head bands. A lady Carli knows makes these so she ended up buying a few. The baby is very good about not ripping them off, unlike Carli when she was a baby. I could not keep a head band on her to save my life.

Notice anything "different" about the headband?
How about now?
See the little pink skull and crossbones? Strange sense of humor. She must get it from her mom!
And here is the best, most tolerant, well behaved, loving dog in the world! She climbs all over him, pulls herself up on him, pinches his face, and comes away with great clumps of fur, but he never complains. He just sits there like the perfect gentleman that he is.

Good dog, Gus!


Jenn said...

Love the picture of her with the dog,too cute!

Anonymous said...

I actually bought a new book to read during the ceremonies! NOT a fan, but just watched Phelps get his first GOLD!! AND them screwing up our anthem!
I have GOT to get your way soon!! I have to see that baby!!!! THANKS for the pictures!!