Monday, August 4, 2008

What's Going On?

I was trying to post some funny baby pictures but I can't seem to load any pictures at all right now. Maybe tomorrow? It keeps telling me "unable to upload photos due to internal error" whatever that means.

In lieu of the photos I'll fill you in on the weekend happenings (whoo hoo!).

Saturday morning Wil left to go to Shaver Lake with his friends from down the street and their family. He'll be gone for a week.

Saturday afternoon Carli and Marcus went to LA so Carli could take a test to become a "Registered Dental Assistant". The test was at 5:30 in the morning on Sunday. Ugh. We had the baby for the night. Carli wasn't too optimistic about the results of her test. It was a practical test and she said she tried making the mold about six times and it kept breaking in the exact same spot. Finally she was running out of time so she fixed one up as best she could and turned it in before she ran out of time all together. She should find out the results in a few weeks. If she didn't pass she can retake the exam in October. Oh well, even attorneys don't all pass the bar exam on their first try.

Four more days until the Olympics. I'm sure I'll be watching a lot of that.

Five more days until my oldest teenager is no longer a teenager.

I'll try again with the photos tomorrow. Hope it works!

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