Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where's The Baby?

Today we will play a game I call "Where's The Baby?" The object, obviously, is to find the baby hidden in the pictures below.

Have fun!

PS- If you are not familiar with the LOLCats site this won't make sense, but I like to call the first picture "Baby walker, ur doin' it wrong!"


Jenn said...

How old is she? As soon as I seen the picture I could tell she was standing under there,I have never had a kid do that!

tina f. said...

Jenn, she is nine months old. That was the second time she did that. The first time she got all freaked out and started screaming. She couldn't figure it out. I was laughing pretty good. She is going to be walking very soon, I fear!

Shannon said...

HeeHee! I knew the other day that I'd seen way too many LOLcats when my husband asked me why I wasn't going to do something or other and I replied "sanity, I has it". Haven't been in blogworld for a while, just now catching up.