Saturday, August 30, 2008

Little Updates

It occurred to me that I haven't given the update on Carli's test yet. I am happy to report that despite her fears of not passing the practical exam, she did indeed pass. The next step is a written exam, probably to be taken some time in November. When she passes that she will be able to call herself a Registered Dental Assistant!

The next item of news is we have teeth breaking out all over! This is not the usual place for first baby teeth but you can barely see the first tooth in the upper right corner of the baby's mouth.

Taking a picture of the baby's teeth is not easy. She was uncooperative (can you blame her?) and here the camera focused ever so nicely on my big fat hairy thumb!

But you all get the idea, I'm sure. That first snaggle tooth was noticed on Carli's birthday, August 9th, and now we've also noticed the bottom two appear to be coming in. So she's been doing a lot of chewing on everything she can get her mouth on or shove into her mouth and of course there's been a lot of accompanying drool. Fortunately for me she hasn't been intolerably cranky as some teething babies can be.

Now for my unhappy news. My computer conked out on me yesterday, which is why I didn't post. I was going to post the above "news" but couldn't. In the past when the computer shut itself off it meant it was too hot and needed to cool down. But when it happened the outer case was not hot and the inside of the house was only about 80 degrees. I waited a while and then kept trying but it wouldn't turn back on.

Then I thought maybe it just needs to "rest" overnight. The last time it did this it wouldn't turn back on until the following morning. This morning -- nothing. I was glad that when it did turn on from the last episode, which was just a few weeks ago, I copied all my photos to discs (eight cd's!!!). I would have been very sad to have lost all the baby pictures and many of the others.

I resigned myself to having to buy a new computer.

Finally, to my joy, this afternoon the computer agreed to allow itself to be operational. I think I still better get a new one though. You all can be my first line of research. Does anyone have any good/bad experience you can tell me about with your computers? Any recommendations and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (PS-my current computer is a Sony Vaio, and we have cable connection.)

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I have a trusty Dell that is over 5 years old. It does just fine for school and such. Plus, they have help online, too. Downside: you have to buy ink cartriges from them.. but that isn't even so bad.

Susan said...

I recently replaced my 5 year old Dell desktop with a new Dell XPS 420 desktop. Nothing wrong with the old computer, I just wanted a new one. I have always had good luck with Dell, and you can customize one online to suit your needs.