Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Don't Forget The Earrings

Yesterday was one of those days. It did not go as I had planned. That means things that I wanted to get done didn't happen.

It started with the night before. I did not sleep well, in spite of being tired. I felt like I slept really well then tossed and turned, repeating the cycle every hour all night long. Part of the problem was a new (to me) blood pressure medicine I was taking that makes me cough, sometimes so hard I gag. By morning I did not feel rested at all. I had a little stomach ache and forego breakfast in favor of a couple cups of coffee, admittedly probably not the best thing for my stomach. But when my husband suggested I lay off the coffee I advised him I would most like get a terrible caffeine withdrawal headache. He asked which would I rather have: stomach ache accompanied by diarrhea or bad headache. I didn't even have to think twice about that one. Give me my coffee!

As it turns out the diarrhea was probably a result of something else. Here's a hint: if you are a man you may want to stop reading now.

Tuesday is the day I get to sleep in a bit, as Carli's work day starts at 10:00am that day. Now that my son is driving himself to school I get up at 7:50 just to make sure he wakes up on time. Carli dropped the baby off at 9:15, informing me that the baby was cranky. I've been kind of dreading that.

Except for being a bit more clingy than normal, she was ok and the morning was ok. At one point I had her on my lap while checking e-mail. She kept playing with my left earring and, fearing she might try to eat it I took it off and put it up on the desk to where she couldn't reach it.

With the morning mail came a prize I won from Farmgirl Fare; a book bag and book called Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs. I got lucky and was one of two randomly chosen winners who answered the question "what is your favorite comfort food"? My answer was clam spaghetti like my husband makes and a nice rich icecream.

My husband was home for lunch and when I mentioned I wanted to go to the doctor to get my cough blood pressure medicine changed back to the original he said he'd watch the baby. I went to the doctor's office, explained the situation (which was due to a COBRA insurance change) and now that my husband was hired permanently instead of temporarily we now had even better insurance than the first time blah blah blah. The nurse gave me three weeks worth of medicine and told me to make a follow-up appointment before the end of that time. I knew I was overdue anyway and was kind of expecting that. Now I have three weeks to lose some weight so he won't yell at me. (He doesn't really yell, he just looks really disappointed.)

I went to the bookstore that was a block down from the doctor's office and got four little hard page books for the baby. I stopped on the way home at the bank and paid the mortgage and my car payments. Then I figured I better hurry home so my husband could get back to work.

He left and around 3:30 I went with the baby to the pharmacy to pick up some medications my husband had. When we got there two of them were ready but not the third. They're working on it now, I was told. Okay, I'll wait. I ended up waiting about 45 minutes. I would probably still be there if one of the other ladies behind the counter told the younger clerk to check if mine was ready yet. I wouldn't have waited if I'd known it was going to take that long. Anyway by the time I got out of there the baby was getting a little fussy again, mostly from being confined that whole time in her car seat. I still had to make a quick trip to the grocery store next door and sped through there as fast as I could. By the time I got back in the car she was very unhappy and was screaming.

I had two gallons of frozen sheep milk on my front seat and had planned on dropping them 0ff at my sister's house and picking up some finished cheese. When I got in the car, one of the containers had leaked a little of the melting milk on the seat. I drove to my sister's house, pounded on the door, and when her son opened the door I virtually ran in, shoved the containers in her fridge and ran back out to the car and screaming baby.

Once home I shoved a bottle in her mouth and she was instantly better. The problem was the whole trip lasted way longer than I ever expected it to and by the time we got home we were both a bit frazzled. The baby's daddy came and picked her up around 5:30, about an hour later than usual, because he is now working twelve hour shifts. I didn't feel like getting started with shearing the remaining two sheep at that point. My stomach was still not right and I hadn't had anything all day but the morning coffee.

It was a lovely evening and my husband and I sat at our back patio, joined shortly by our next door neighbors, Dean and Nancy. Dean is going to work in Nigeria in a couple of weeks for about three months. He had a required yellow fever shot the day before and was really feeling it. Around 7 pm we all went in to our respective houses.

As I was preparing to take a bath I noticed I only had my right earring in. Then I remembered I had taken the left one out much, MUCH, earlier in the day. So I was running around all day with one earring in my ear, and no one had any pity on me to point it out.

After my lovely, hot, bubble bath I of course put my pj's on. ~last warning for anyone not interested in bodily functions!~ I am 49 years old this year and the only one in my family who has not had a hysterectomy. My body has been going through what's commonly called "the change" this past year and I was excited that I would no longer be having my "monthly visitor". In fact I had not had it for about four months. Until last night. Which is probably why my stomach was messed up and I had diarrhea.

You know what did make me feel better finally? My husband made clam spaghetti and it was good. I held off on the icecream. I only have three weeks...


Anonymous said...

Holy Cr*p! WHAT A DAY!!!
I just thought the stress was going to do it!
I will not mention my hang nail to you!!
I hope you clam spaghetti was wonderful!!

Jenn said...

That was quite the day ! I hope your feeling better !