Monday, September 8, 2008

Why I Need Coffee In The Morning

Saturday evening my hay guy was going to bring some hay over. I let my husband know he needed to move his work car so the hay could be brought to my hay area. I've moved the vehicle in the past and always parked it so it's outside our garage, heading straight towards the inside as if it's going to be parked next to my car, already in the garage. That way if I needed to go somewhere I could get my car out without any problems.

Sunday morning my son and husband left early to go dove hunting. I woke up a little after 8 am and knew I had no coffee in the house. I was really needing my coffee. I dressed quickly and went to my car. I hit the garage door opener and started backing out, no different than any other time. I barely got halfway out of the garage when ~crunch~!

My husband had parked his work car so it was blocking the entire garage. I had forgotten that it was there and I never even saw it. Strangely enough my sixth sense never kicked in and even stranger than that I never felt sick to my stomach or angry at myself for accomplishing something so stupid.

I merely parked my car back in the garage, got his keys, moved his car to where it's normally parked, got back in my car and went to get my coffee. Fortunately the damage to either car was minimal and even his boss said it was no big deal.

My car.His car.

Next time I'll move his car. Next time I'll check in the rear view mirror, no matter what. Next time I won't let myself run out of coffee.

How about there won't be a next time!


Anonymous said...

Isn't there a professional coffee delivery service somewhere?!

Anonymous said...

That is why they make Liquid Paper! I would have touched up your car in minutes!! and his car I couldn't even see it!!
Hope your coffee was SOOOooooooo good!!

Jenn said...

At least it wasn't bad !