Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

Today is the first day of fall. This is a picture of our Bradford Pear tree from last year around this time (actually the end of October). It hasn't started changing yet this year since it's still too warm.

I put Perry with the ewes this afternoon and he immediately jumped on Francine. I'm keeping Baby in a separate pen for now because she is still too thin. I'll wait until next season to breed her.

We had a little scare with her over the weekend: she bloated. It was probably for the same reason the cow bloated earlier. I just was feeding her too much good stuff, hoping to fatten her up. I tried drenching her with Bloat Guard but it didn't really do anything except make her choke and cough for several minutes. Later I read on the Internet that you can give them human antacids/antigas remedies. I checked our cabinet and we had some RiteAid antigas pills. I shoved two down her throat and left her alone for a while. Later when I checked she was totally back to her skinny self.

This weekend the two visiting black cows went home and they were replaced with a red cow from the same owners. I think Dakota is a happy camper!

Hmm. For Perry and Dakota I guess you could say "Love is in the air!"


Anonymous said...

RiteAid Antigas pills, just two and I will be my skinny self!! AWESOME find, I am going to go buy a case!!!

Jenn said...

That's what I was thinking !