Monday, January 19, 2009


One animal we've never raised is a pig. Several years ago my husband managed to shoot a wild pig which we then had butchered and turned into smoked ham and delicious sausage. But with my woeful lack of space raising our own butcher pigs was not something I felt I should be taking on.

What's the next best thing? Have a friend raise a pig for you. That is what we are doing now.

Our friend Greg, in Shafter, raised a pig last summer. His family was pleased with the results and he asked if we'd be interested in a pig when he ordered his next pig. Since he was willing to do the chores and he had the room we said "Sure!"

About two weeks ago his pig supplier brought two piglets to Greg's rurally located home. His pen was all ready for them.

Now we sit back and relax while the cute little piglets grow into big ugly hogs.

Then the big ugly hogs will be turned into delicious pork ready for the freezer!

In retrospect it's a good thing they are out at Greg's, because I'm afraid it would be too easy to get too attached to them!


crazy sheep girl said...

The pigs look just like my brothers do when he first gets them. Then the have to grow up and get ugly:)

Anonymous said...

So we are not thinking up cute names then right?
Dave gets 3-4 wild pigs a year and yep, VERY good sausage and the freezer is always packed!
Hope all are well!

Anonymous said...

I was getting attached to them just with the pictures.

The Country Experience said...

Yes, it probably is a good idea that someone else raises them. They look so cute that dealing with them on a daily basis might be too difficult.