Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden Update

I thought I'd share the latest in our garden news. So far it has been doing fairly well. The weeds aren't growing too fast so they are relatively easy to keep up with. I got about half of the weeds pulled last week before the weather got really bad. I'll work on the rest of it later this week.

Here are the beginnings of the crookneck squash.
Oh boy! Squash, onions, garlic sauteed in butter with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese on top. Mmmm.
Peas are starting out nicely.
Carrots. Some thinned, some not. Eggplant behind the carrots, chard on the left.
The Swiss chard between the crookneck squash and artichokes.
Yukon gold potatoes.
Idaho purple (there were only five of this variety per package).
Various peppers.
The tomatoes have really started growing.
Most are doing really well. Some, like this Roma, are not. (But even still it has a little tomato right in the middle.)
This is the San Marzano tomato I mail ordered. It came in a week ago so it's a little behind the other tomatoes.
The grapes along the fence.
And finally a lady bug helping to keep the garden happy. She needs help I think.
Hmm. I suddenly have a hankering for sauteed squash, onions, garlic...

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~M~ said...

What a lovely garden...what lovely artichokes! :o)

My flower garden is coming along quite well, and it is definitely ahead of most years. I can't wait until I get to see the tulips bloom and yes, you heard me right, we are still waiting for tulips to bloom!

Thanks for sharing pictures of such a lovely vegetable garden!!