Monday, April 19, 2010

Get Away To Los Osos

This weekend my husband and I decided to do a little "get-away-overnighter" trip to the coast. We chose Los Osos as our destination. We left early Friday afternoon and took a back road (highway 58) because a friend had mentioned how pretty it was with the wild flowers.

She was right. There are still quite a few wild flower patches to enjoy.

We got to the coast and drove around the bay.
Here's our hotel room with a nice view of the bay.
View of the room from the door.
And just outside our room on the balcony/walkway. (Notice it is low tide here.)
Just down the street is this view across the bay of Morro Rock (in Morro Bay).
Los Osos is a tiny town with not a lot of shopping or anything so we went the couple miles to Morro Bay which is a bit more touristy. We did a little shopping and then visited Morro Rock.

Looking up from the base.

Turned around and looking towards the area where our hotel is. (In the middle of the picture.)
From another view point looking towards Los Osos. By the way, Los Osos means "the bears".
And in case you were wondering:


The power plant next to Morro Rock. Besides the rock the three chimneys are another symbol of Morro Bay.
The second day we went to the Elfin Forest in Los Osos. It's named that because of the dwarf oaks. This is one of them.
There are some nice trails that run through the Elfin Forest. This is a view of Morro Rock from there. (FYI: Morro Rock is a major "thing" in the area.)
This is one of the lesser used trails that we went on. The other trails have regular boardwalks.
Then it was time to go home. We took another route home (46) and there were a lot of wild flowers still along there too.

We had a very nice time and decided to try and do this at least once a month, providing we had the $$ available. All in all it was a good idea.


Anonymous said...

How lovely!! I would be eating hamburger 5 nights a week to do a getaway once a month!!! Hey we do eat hamburger 5 nights?? Whats up with that????? :0)
I hope you two had a wonderful time, how peaceful and relaxing, PLUS you had a BIG baby waiting for you!

~M~ said...

I have been meaning to comment on this particular post of yours for a bit now. What lovely pictures. I see you love wildflowers as much as I do! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful wild flowers. I really liked the thistle on your most recent picture (the cheese blog entry). If I haven't mentioned already, I will be posting a blog entry soon on all of our wildflowers. I have been stocking up on my wildflower pictures the past two weeks since our area has begun to pop with such wonderful colors!!

Thanks again for sharing!