Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Finished Project: Side Fence

Our latest project we can scratch off the "to do" list is the side fence (between the driveway and the back yard). This was a multi-day project. We worked on it last week, doing just a section at a time after my husband got home from work because of the high heat and high humidity, which we are not used to.

The first thing we did was my son and I went to Home Depot to get the materials. Somehow I miscalculated and ended up getting about 20 extra fence boards. Oh well, I guess better too many than not having enough?

Check out this cross piece. It was straight when we got it. This is a couple days later! Not only did it bow out sideways, but it also bowed up. Another "oh well".
View from the northwest corner. See the silver cans on the right side? They are holding boards which are helping keep the old boards in place so the dogs don't slip through! The first new section is done.
Outside the front gate.
Backside of the front gate. Notice the plywood holding things together.
A couple days later. Three sections down!
Outside view.
We've rounded the corner and now starting to work on the north fence.

Almost done!


The completed north side, new gate and all. Notice the oleanders are very chopped down now. We're trying to get rid of them.
It feels good to be able to cross another item off of the list.

I finished the two doors (Carli's old room and Wil's room). So now I've decided to refinish the other two doors (the main bathroom and our bedroom). This time I did take photos and when that's done I'll show the before and after.


~M~ said...

VERY impressive! You are one hard working group! That new fence sure makes a very positive impact! :o)

tina f. said...

Thank you! I sure hope all our hard work helps make for a quick sale when the time comes.

~M~ said...

I am sure it will. It will hopefully help hold up the value of the house to what you expect to get out of it. Can't wait to see what happens...GOOD LUCK!! :O)