Monday, July 26, 2010

Trimming Bushes

This weekend my husband was trimming the bushes and trees out front.
He found this interesting bug.
I think it is just called a leaf bug.
It looks like a leaf with legs!

Today I am refinishing two doors: the one to Wil's room and Carli's former room. Too bad I didn't take "before and after" photos of those! But I can assure you they look much better now!

I may not be finished fixing up by my self imposed July deadline, but things are definitely happening and getting done. Slowly but surely...


Anonymous said...

I have only seen that bug in books, how cool to actually see one! Did Baby get a peek??

tina f. said...

No, she didn't. But she totally freaks out about June bugs, even dead June bugs, but she is getting a little better. It's so funny!