Friday, July 9, 2010

Put On A Happy Face

Do you ever have one of those dreams where you are running back and forth and just can't seem to get anything done? That's how I'm feeling lately in real life.

I know things are actually getting done but it just doesn't feel like it. The desk that I wanted to put in storage three weeks ago is still in the middle of the living room. And now it has a companion--my daughter's king size bed!

We took her bed out of the room and I got a daybed to put in its place. Wow, does the room look so much bigger now! I still have to paint the two kids' bedrooms but slowly but surely I'm making progress.

I managed to thoroughy clean the master bathroom walls, so I didn't have to repaint them. Hopefully the kitchen and front bathroom walls will clean up just as easily (it took just a bit of elbow grease--and lots of TSP).

The last three days I've been practically doing nothing but laundry, load after load! I finally got it all done yesterday.

Yesterday a glass guy came to give us an estimate on replacing the badly scratched sliding patio door and fix a bathroom window gasket. Today another glass guy is coming to see if we can get a better deal. For the price of the first one we could actually replace the slider with a whole new unit! Ha!

Meanwhile my husband has been doing lots of heavy duty outdoor work, like trimming the trees and that sort of thing. He's going to borrow a pressure washer this weekend.

Hopefully we'll be making a run to the storage facility this weekend.

I think I'll take a breather tonight with a little drinkie poo, after I do my running around today (got to get new bedding for my son's bed and the new daybed). I celebrated the 4th with a buttery nipple coctail, one of my favorites. I had to get the camera when I put the glass on the table and saw this!
(Buttery Nipple Coctail: equal parts Irish Cream and butterscotch schnapps. I usually prefer mine over ice, but other recipes say to float the cream over the schnapps.)


Anonymous said...

Your drink was reflecting your mood! And maybe after that yummy drink we had a nice happy face on!
You need to make lists!!! If you could each day cross off the amazing amount of work you are doing, you would be so proud of yourself, it sounds like your glass is half empty, look towards your end goal Luke!!
Hopefully you will have lots of before and after pictures and you will be so amazed of all your hard work!
Keep it up!!

~M~ said...

Chin up! I just know that all your hard work will pay off in the end. I think the list thing is a great suggestion...that way you'll see all the things getting crossed off.

Hope the weather has cooled off some. We've got a heat wave up here too and a fire broke out south of us (luckily they've got it contained and it's almost out). Take care!