Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's Up With The Kestrels?

We sent our son up the big eucalyptus tree the other day to check on the kestrels. We knew there was another pair up there after the death of Mr. Kestrel's first wife. There has been enough time since the new pair moved in for them to have laid eggs, have them hatch and fledge. But we haven't seen any evidence of babies yet.

I made sure he took my camera to record what he found. And his big sister watched from below to make sure there were no aerial attacks from angry small falcons.

There are two little birdies up there!

I may be wrong but I think because they are so young this is probably the second clutch. I hope we get to see these when they fledge.


Anonymous said...


Our owls are out today. Strange because it's sunny. I thought they only came out at night or on kind of dreary days. There are 3. They are officially MY owls!


Anonymous said...

The little kestrels do not look happy to have the paparazzi taking their pictures. I'm glad there's been some action, though.

Anonymous said...

What fun at both houses, your own Kestrels and Owls, if I water the patio I can have thousands of MY ants to watch?? I don't think the same though!
Thank the boy for the climb and the great pictures!!