Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Business Taken Care Of

Well, at least one was taken care of. Hopefully there are no more!


~M~ said...

Glad you got one. Curious. How long did it take from the time the pest guy set them to when it was caught?

I am still in shock over the damage that rat/mouse did to the tub insert! I'm going to show Kyle what it did to your tub. It might get him more motivated to find where the pack-rats are getting in our place!


tina f. said...

I would guess it was about two hours! This morning there was just that one in there so hopefully that was the one and only!

Anonymous said...

Oh, ick, ick, ick.
KILL THEM ALL!! How I hate rats,
and that scratching, around here
you hear it right before you fall
asleep! We have traps out year
Hope your property search was