Thursday, January 20, 2011

North Bank Ranch Walk With The Dogs

We took the dogs out to the North Bank Ranch today for a walk. Good for them and good for us. This is at the beginning of the Jackson Ranch entrance ("D" on this map).
Looks like the makings of a new bridge.
The natural order of things: Gus staying close, Chester mid-range, and Clyde scouting way ahead.
Clyde leaping through the brush.
All yield to the horses. I like that.

I'd say Chasm Creek is aptly named.

These little signs everywhere make it easy to know the boundaries. The other side of this fence is the Jackson Ranch.

A nice walk on a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

So nice to see you ALL out enjoying yourselves, and getting to explore and get to know your new home! How are your grocery stores and restaurants?? Anything to write home about?

tina f. said...

Grocery stores are pretty much the same--there's an Albertson's, Fred Meyer, and of course the new Costco! We are still exploring the restaurants and have been to a couple of nice diners. There are a surprising amount of Chinese restaurants which we will be trying out. We've been to one so far and noticed the "spicy" wasn't really at all. We'll keep trying!

Anonymous said...

A lovely walk on a beautiful day. Thank you for taking us along!

~M~ said...

Oh, so glad you've been able to find some nice places to take the dogs for a walk. What a beautiful day and area! Have the temps been very cold? :o)


tina f. said...

~M~, we've had a couple of cold days last week but it seems to be "warming up" now--usually in the 40's!