Monday, January 24, 2011

Outside Of Our Rental

Here are a few pictures of the outside of the house we are renting. This is looking at the house from the street towards the east.
The front door.
Gate to the back yard.
From the corner of the garage looking out the back yard (to the south-east).
From the back corner looking at the house. That is a shed on the right that we don't use.
The shed with an additional little section fenced off behind it (that we don't use) and the back neighbor's yard comes slightly into our yard (the wooden fence part).
The only bad thing that I can say about the yard is that #1: it doesn't drain very well, so when it rains it's like a big pond and the dogs are running in about an inch of water. And #2: the grass is clumpy, not even, which makes it harder to get a good scoop on the poop.

Our latest info on the property we want is that the new owners are from out of town. They are coming in at the end of this week to sign the papers for their closing. Then hopefully they will come to a decision on an asking price for the divided section they want to sell and we will be able to start with our negotiations.

Meanwhile we are going to look at another place today that is new on the market. This will be something we'll keep in mind if we like it well enough and the other place totally falls through.


Anonymous said...

Sure love seeing where you are, and you didn't even mention SUN!!! It seemed like every time I checked your weather it was raining. Besides the water and poop picking up, looks like a nice yard for your boys!
Hope the new property is a good one too!

~M~ said...

Looks good! I'm surprised at how green the grass is! Everything here is dark and dreary today. :oS Hope you are well!