Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The other day Clyde "found" a couple of prairie rats stuck in the culvert at the mobile home site.  This picture shows one of them. The other had dug itself in and was hiding.  If you look closely you can see these were not the first to get stuck in here.  (Click on the picture to enlarge.) The white spot in the center is a skull of a rat!

Although we shoot them out in the field we felt it was only fair to give them a fighting chance.  So we stuck a stick into the hole.  It didn't take long before they climbed out on their own and were gone.  

See you later in a more fair fight!


Anonymous said...

Ahem. I am reminded of the planted dead rodent you set up for your hubby and son to deal with here in Bakersfield. Some years ago. Remember?! lol miss you

Mary Anne

tina f. said...

Yes, that was quite hilarious!