Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tomato And Citrus Update

I'm happy to report the tomatoes and citrus are doing well.

Here is photographic proof:  The cherry tomatoes.

And another variety I don't remember.

The Meyer Lemon is doing very well.

There's nothing on the lime tree yet but I did find a couple of oranges on the blood orange tree!

We've been very careful about putting the pots into the garage when the temperatures get too low.  But now that "summer" is here we've moved the citrus to the deck.  We are still moving the tomatoes in and out of the garage, but that is now mostly to protect them from the munching night marauders that dare to come close to the house.  AKA deer.

I am encouraged by the healthy citrus trees.  

Meanwhile the herbs are doing great.  In fact we had a pesto dinner tonight and it was delicious!  

Now excuse me while I go for seconds.  :-)


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so nice and healthy!! Are you planning to put these plants in the ground this year or next?
I thought for sure last year I had tomatoes by the end
of July??? I have lots of green ones but only one that is getting red? Strange growing year.
Hope all is going wonderful!

tina f. said...

Well the way things are going these may not be put in the ground this year. The citrus trees will eventually be put in larger pots with some sort of roller system on the bottom so they can be moved indoors (garage or shop) during the freezing winter time.