Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kayak Picnic At Prineville Reservoir

We finally broke out the double kayak and loaded it up in the truck along with a nice little picnic lunch. We went to the south west finger of the Prineville Reservoir and put the kayak in there.  The water was a little low and it was quite muddy at the bank but we made it without any mishaps.

We saw some geese as we paddled toward the main body of water.

Then we saw a big bird soaring by.  It had a black (or dark) body with a white head and tail.  Hint:  there are a lot of them in Alaska. 

 As we pulled past one cove we saw it again as it lit in a tree.

Bald eagle!

We found a pretty little mini-meadow and pulled in.

We did a quick lookaround and found a likely spot to plop our picnic stuff down.  The spot is just behind that bigger tree to the left.

And here's the view from our spot looking into the mini meadow.

The view from our spot out to the reservoir.

Our picnic essentials:  Hubby's pickled onions and mushrooms; our Roseburg friend's homemade dill pickles; and a bottle of wine another friend brought us when he visited last Sunday.  The wine is made with grapes grown on his property in Lodi (but he's not the wine maker).  Yummy!

Looking up.  So peaceful.

And finally it was time to head back down the little finger of the reservoir.

A sea gull we got fairly close to.

And then probably a little too close for comfort!

Such beautiful views.

And finally back to the truck parked in the parking lot.  If you look closely you can see the tail end of it. (Probably more so if you click on the picture to enlarge.)

Another great summer day in Central Oregon!


Kathy said...

What a nice day!!!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!!! Love seeing all the places you two get to go to, and even taking a pick at your lunches, thats fun too, You two must weigh about 99 lbs!! Where is the cheese, the bread the crackers!! Perhaps that is why I will always have my booty!! Thanks for sharing!
(heard you were 'stalked' at work today:0)