Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Wild Things

Today we decided to try and find a different place to gather firewood.  As usual we brought a little picnic with us so even if we didn't find anything we could still have a nice little snack in a beautiful setting.

We went out the usual way but instead of turning on our usual turn off we went straight.  We didn't find anything that way and eventually started heading back towards the other area where we have been successful in the past.

However it started getting a little later and by this time we'd been driving for a couple of hours.  We had just decided to find a spot for lunch when we saw some wild horses.

This was a different band from the first one we saw.  This time I saw the herd stallion.  He kept a watchful eye on me as I got out of the truck to switch lenses to the zoom (I remembered to take my camera bag with me this time).  As soon as I started moving on the road to get a better shot he started moving the herd into the thicker part of the woods.

This shot was hurried and blurred a little.  I tried to fix it once we got home.  Too bad...  It would have made a good picture!

This band had a few more colored horses.

Check out this mom and her pretty little foal!

 We continued on down the road and found a really nice spot under some trees for our picnic.

It looked like someone had set it up for a camp area.  

We thought it odd that the Forest Service would allow something like this.  But then I thought maybe it's a place where the annual horse census takers camp while they are doing their thing.

We finished lunch and started for home.

Guess what we saw next?

Livestock Guardian Dog!

This one was particularly cute, especially with the stick in his mouth.  I think he wanted to play but I didn't want to distract him from his job.  ;-)  Look in the back on the hill and you can see all the sheep.

Next time I'll stop and take proper pictures instead of taking them through the window of the moving truck.

Just a pretty meadow on the way home.  So peaceful and beautiful.

And then we saw more wildlife when we got home.  Taken from our deck.

A doe and her twin fawns.

So although the wood gathering journey was something of a failure the day itself was not.  Today was a great day!

*Remember you can click on the photos to enlarge and see better!*


Kathy said...

Nice day!!

Kathy said...

Nice day!!

Anonymous said...

How fun was that!! You guys sure have some fun outings!! The little pup with the stick was just too cute, I am guessing that sheep aren't all that fun to play with either!