Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blue Shades

I finished my blue shades afghan and gave it to my friend at work.  

She wasn't expecting it and was pleasantly surprised.  She really liked it.

So now I'm working on another one, this time for us.  It's a different pattern and the yarn is two shades of variegated yarn and a black yarn.  Of course I'll show pictures when it's done.

Meanwhile I'm enjoying the evening after working seven days in a row and looking forward to the next two days off.  If the weather is cooperative we'll work on the bull's run in shed...if not it will be more crocheting.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the bright blue color with the black. I am guessing she is loving her warm blanket right now!!
Your area still looks a bit cold and wet. Weather keeps threatening to rain, but only get sprinkles. Hopefully this weekend I will turn the dirt over in the garden, our seedlings are getting bigger!
Have a WONDERFUL rest after 7 straight days :0)