Saturday, March 9, 2013

Third Time's The Charm...Hopefully

It was time to fix the roof on Dakota's run in shed.  Again.  

If you recall, the first roof, which was the corrugated metal roof, was blown off on a very extremely windy day just a couple weeks after we put it on.  That was partially our fault because we didn't put enough screws in to hold it down properly and just never got back to it.

So for temporary cover we got a tarp which we tied on to the top of the shelter.  Over the last year that it was on it worked fine, but with the rain, snow, and wind it started to shred and it was time to try again.

I made a plan of how I could make a hopefully more permanent roof and we got to work.

First we attached 2 x 4 x 12' lumber to the four rafters.

They were attached using u-bolts.  Before tightening all the way we used another 2 x 4 to span across to get the angle right.

After the u-bolts were tightened the bolts that were too long were cut so they were at least flush with the board.

Then it was time to put the big 4 x 8 sheets of OSB up.

The next day it was time to start putting the shingles on.  I chose to not put felt paper down first since it is just a "cheap" shed. Also I made that decision because that's how I did my little chicken coop roof in Bakersfield and it worked out just fine.

Hubby asked how to put the shingles on and I showed him how to do the first course. Backwards and folded gently over the back edge.  After those were nailed on I showed him how to do the next course and he started arguing with me that it didn't look right and he'd never seen anything like that before.  He said the roof on our house wasn't like that.  I tried to explain that our house shingles were a different style of shingle and these are what they call "three tab".  He wasn't real happy so I decided not to argue and let him have his way.  I hope it doesn't matter that the shingles are on the wrong way.

So anyway the roof is "done".  It looks good enough and I'm not going to start over.

I learned a few things.

Next time I would make more of a joist system on the roof so I can get up there myself (I weigh more than he does and I didn't trust it).

I would put the shingles on myself.

I think I would spring the extra money for the drip edges, just to be on the safe side.

All in all, I have to give Hubby a B for the actual job (and not listening to me), but A for effort (for even doing it at all).


Anonymous said...

You are an easy grader!! I have a problem when I know I'm right and people argue with me, I tend to keep arguing, perhaps that is the genes!! :0)
It looks great, and I am guessing it will hold up nicely for the bull!
Hope your days off had some rest for you too!!

Kathy said...

Bet Dakota is happy!! Ok......he probably doesn't care! LOL
Great job!! Now for a horse shelter...... :-)

Mariam Freame said...

From the looks of things, I think your husband did a pretty good job. I wouldn’t trust him to do roofing on your house just yet though. All kidding aside, I do hope that the third time really is the charm, and you wouldn’t need to do another re-roofing job in the immediate future.