Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lavacicle Cave

Hubby found a cave online and decided we should go on a picnic and check it out.  We knew it was closed but we wanted to see what we could see anyway.

We ended up taking a wrong turn and had to back track a bit.  We found out the cave is not marked at all.  I actually put the name of the cave in my Google Maps Ap on my phone and that is how we ended up finding the cave.

But first we had to get there.  The tiny Forest Service/BLM roads were in pretty poor shape and at one point we had to go around a tree that had fallen directly across the road.

We just went around it.

We got to the general area of the cave.  We still didn't see anything so we parked the truck and got out and walked around.

We spotted this depression along with the small hole in the ground.  Hubby is kinda camouflaged here as he is looking into the hole.

I pushed the camera into the hole and took a picture.  You can see how the Forest Service has closed off this entrance.  We think they may have also pushed a bunch of boulders over the entrance but that's just a guess.  

It was quite interesting that there was a steady blast of cold air emanating from the hole. That would indicate to us that perhaps there is another entrance somewhere else.

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Anonymous said...

That is when you need to build a little robo-cam, how
cool to see what is in their, but no friggin' way I would
put more than an arm in there!! ??Gold???
:0) Patti