Thursday, March 14, 2013

Free Trees

Today we decided to go get our quota of four free trees from the National Forest.  No, they aren't stolen.  Here you can go to the BLM office and get a permit that allows you to get four live trees per year from the forest at no charge.  There are limits and rules of course.  The trees you dig up aren't supposed to be bigger than four feet tall and must be at least 100' from the road and 300' from any lake or stream.

On the way we saw a herd of deer.  

We also saw a small band of wild horses.

I think I counted about 8 of them.

Here's hubby digging up our first tree, a ponderosa pine.

Here are the two trees we got.  A ponderosa pine and a douglas fir.

We'll get the other trees on another day off.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your tree's are too cute, they look like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree! If you plant them w/ a stake you need to mark 2013 with a mark and see how fast they grow in a year...
What a beautiful place to walk around, love the wild animals you pass.