Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chicken Area

We started working on the area where the chicken coops will be going.  It will be behind the shop between the shop and the horse pen.

I started the area about a week ago and Hubby finished it up.  It's all nice and smooth and relatively level.

Then we got rocks from our rock pile and lined them on the cut out.  Of course the idea is to help hold the embankment up from getting washed down in case of rain.  It turned out better than I thought it would.

Next up I will get a bunch of 6x8x16 cinder blocks to bury along the outside perimeter of the coops and pens.  I figure I will have to get about 60 blocks.  Then I can start putting the coops out here along with the coop yards.

About two and a half weeks til my chicks are here!


Anonymous said...

Is a chick a chick, or do each of your types of chickens in different pens? So one biggie or will it be sectioned off? I'll bet you are both are loving your tractor!!
Sure hope no one else got sick, their are sure some mean bugs going around right now!!

tina f. said...

I think I ordered 6 each of 4 different breeds of chicks (baby chickens). Except for the Sultans, which I could only order as "straight run" (which means they just pick whatever and the chicks aren't sexed) the others will be 5 girl chicks (pullets) and one boy chick (cock or rooster). Each breed will have their own run with their house, or coop. My plan was to have them kind of like a dog kennel style. If that doesn't make sense then you'll see what I mean when it gets all done and I post the pictures.

Kathy said...

It's going to be great!! Can't wait to see the finished coops!