Friday, August 8, 2014

A Day At The Reservoir

We went to the Prineville Reservoir for a little kayaking and picnicking yesterday. We launched from a little spot on the south side of the reservoir. In the winter the water is almost to the parking lot. Here you can see in the background how far the water has receded.

On the way. Carli was on the single ride-on-top and Bill, Siena, and I were in the double.

Here's our favorite little spot.

It's at the end of that inlet so we have a great view of this end of the reservoir.

On my backside is the reservoir, and in front of me is the pretty little meadow.

It has many of these pretty little yellow flowers.

And its carpeted with these very fragrant tiny white flowers.

These little guys were flitting all over.

Only one of these flying creatures was there.

Then it was time to start heading for home. The sheriff's boat was constantly cruising the lake to make sure all was good.

Some of the wildlife.

And finally we reached the end. I let the hubby and young person drag the kayaks up to the truck parking.

Okay, this is the third time I have attempted to post this particular entry. So this actually was from a few days ago!

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