Friday, August 15, 2014

Up The Mountain

Last Thursday after my morning mammogram appointment (I like to call it "getting my breast pressed") we loaded up the car and headed for Mount Bachelor to take the ski lift to the top and have lunch at the restaurant there.

Some things have changed since the last time we were there. There is now a frisbee golf course that you can play once you get to the top. As you play you make your way down the mountain. 

I didn't get a picture of it but there is also a dog sled ride. When we were there, two teams of dogs were waiting to pull a small SUV-like vehicle along the trail. Apparently one team takes the vehicle out (usually about 4-6 people are on board, including the musher) while the other team stays put and rests. It looked like it might be fun but I would want to know more about the price and length of the ride first.

If you look at the ski lifts here every third chair is a bike lift. There is (are? the grammar nazi is confused) quite a network of roads going down for bmx bikes. Is that what they're called? Anyway the bikes are set in the bike rack and the riders are in the chair behind. 

It's nice that they came up with a few ways to make extra money during the summer months.

Looking down at the parking lot.

Looking waaaaay down!

Heading up!

Once we got to the top we went to the restaurant and had lunch. I don't know if it was an off-day or what exactly the problem was, but it was less than stellar. The ice tea for the baby was bad and she requested a change out to orange juice (found out later the batch had been brewed with only one tea bag); my hot wings were so vinegary they were inedible; plus I had to remind them to bring the blue cheese dipping sauce that was supposed to come with it; the onion rings should have been taken out of the fryer a minute sooner (they were rather dark); the Kid's Menu mac 'n' cheese was more of an adult fare so that it was hardly eaten (kids want the stuff that comes out of the box with the fake orange cheese, not "gourmet" stuff for adults!); my margarita wasn't fantastic (it was made using "home made sweet and sour mix" and had to be on the rocks only--really??? No blender???). The only things half way decent were the burgers. We got there around 1:30 pm and it seemed they didn't have enough wait staff. Everything took just a little longer than it should have. After all that they still charged us for the tea, which I felt we should not have been charged for since it was their error (the waiter told us what had happened).

So how's that for a restaurant review?

After our mediocre lunch we headed out for a patch of snow and some photos.

Some flowers up there. If you look closely you might see the bee in the middle.

Beautiful view.

Look closely and you can see a plane in the middle of the picture. Very weird to be higher than the plane!

I took a bunch of shots of the girls sliding down the hill. I only included about half here. Scroll down the pictures fairly fast and its almost like a video.

The lodge at the top.

Posing on the rocks.

Time to head back down.

And here we are back at the parking lot. We were way up there!

After this we went to our "Wickiup Place" where I've built the little teepee like structures. I'll have that for the next blog.

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Anonymous said...

Now you know next time to pack a nice cooler to take with you, the pictures were beautiful, so it looked like
well worth the trip!!