Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Game Room Curtains

I've been wanting to make some window coverings for the windows in the game room for a while now. I had thought that when Carli came to visit we could work on them together. But alas, that was not to be. We were able to go to the fabric store and browse the fabrics though, and I did finally find something I liked. It was rather pricey though. Good thing I had a coupon for 40% off!

Once we got home I decided I wanted to make them wider. One panel would have covered but I like to have the folds all the way across when the curtains are closed. I think it looks a bit classier. Since I had bought the last of the fabric at Joann's I had to go on-line to order more.  Good thing there was a sale going on at the time I ordered. It was 60% off!!

And of course as I suspected, once I got the order the dye lots were just a little off. So I forged ahead anyway and put the ever so slightly darker panel on the outside.

I mentioned before that I am anything but a seamstress but I thought how hard can it be to basically sew straight lines. I did a little online research and realized I needed to match the patterns. Oh bother...

I tried to figure out what several web sites were describing (they all were saying the same thing) and finally I just said screw it and pinned the pattern together the best I could. It actually didn't turn out too bad. So the worst thing is everything isn't exactly square and straight. But you can hardly tell!

I didn't use a liner either. I didn't want to spend the extra money and I figured since the top is open the light is going to come through anyway, no matter what. 

Here's a closeup view of the seam of the two panels. Not a bad pattern matchup if I say so myself. You can kind of see the dye difference too.

Now I am thinking about the two side windows. Hubby thinks they should be shades rather than curtains because even pushed to the side the curtains may block some view and light. He's probably right. That means I'll probably have to call a professional. Unless I attempt Roman shades...

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