Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Home Depot Kids Clinic And Cool Event

My daughter and granddaughter are here from California. The Home Depot has childrens clinics on the first Saturday of the month and I took the opportunity to bring them to the clinic yesterday. The subject was pencil boxes.

The things the kids build come in a kit and The Home Depot provides the extras like the glue, paint, or other things to decorate the finished project. The kids even get their own orange apron. The parents help the kids build the project.

Ta da! We decided to wait til we got home to paint because we have a big kit of different colors including sparkly paint!

The kids clinic is on the first Saturday of every month from 9a - noon. Yesterday The Home Depot also  had a "cool" event from noon to 3p. They had free popcorn, snowcones, ice water, face painting, and various games for the kids. One of the things advertised on the flyer was a "cool dog contest" and they were taking free pictures of your dog (or kid). 

Here Siena is getting a butterfly painted on her arm from our very talented face paint artist, Aricelli. 


I can't believe I didn't get more pictures of the dog. We brought Sadi along for the cool dog contest and photo. We think she totally blew the competition away. She and Siena were in matching tutus! I also wish I had taken a photo of the little boy in the wheelchair who was giving Sadi kisses while she had her head in his lap. And she gave him a kiss or two also. It reminded me of our late therapy dog, Gus.

While we were there we bought some lumber so we could make some more adirondack chairs. And we found a plan for a mini chair so we can make one for Siena to bring home. More on that next time.


They sent the picture from the Cool Event and of course, Siena and Sadi WON! And rightfully so, of course.


Anonymous said...

TOO CUTE!! Well of course they won!!
And yes I would have loved to see the little boy in the wheelchair, near and dear to me.
I hope you are getting to do some fun things while they are visiting too!

Kathy said...

Love the matching tutus!!!
Hope you are having a great visit!