Friday, August 15, 2014

The Wickiup Place And Devils Lake

After our trip up the mountain on the chair lift we decided to go see how the teepees I built a couple years ago were doing.

They were still up.   

Maybe a few pieces fell down but for the most part it was still all there.

Then we went down the river to see how the other one was holding up.  

It was doing maybe a little better than the other one.

The scenery looking down the Deschutes River.

Can you see something inside?

Look closely!

This is the second teepee like structure.

Hubby near the second structure.

Looking up river.

A couple of cuties. 

We spent a little time enjoying the river and the putting a few more branches on each of the teepees. On the way home we stopped by Devils Lake to take a few pictures of the beautiful lake.

The lake isn't all that big but the water was crystal clear.

One day we'll have to spend a little more time exploring this lake.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Devils Lake looks so amazing, I'll bet chilly but so pretty, love to be able to look down and see the bottom, like Lake Tahoe in parts!
Teepee's look pretty darn sturdy still, I am just guessing as people see them, they wonder how old they are!!!