Thursday, July 9, 2015


Around here it's blueberry time! We took a drive to a commercial blueberry growing operation, Norris Farms Blueberries, near the top of Garden Valley Road. 

They don't offer u-pick but you can buy straight off the farm.

They have a little table set out front. You can buy a large clamshell (2 pounds) I thought for $5 something or a flat of 4 clamshells (8 pounds) for $20. My husband just informed me the price was the same...2 pounds for $5 or the flat for $20. In either case we got the flat.

Along the road was a utility pole with an occupied nest on top. I didn't have my zoom lens with me but these look like ospreys.

Down on the road it looks like maybe one of the babies tried to fledge a little too soon. :-(

Have you ever bought fresh blueberries from the grocery store and they were almost sour? Not ripe? Well these were definitely ripe, almost too ripe! They needed to be used pretty soon before they were done. And since there were so many, the perfect way to preserve them would be to freeze them.

The first thing to do is rinse well and remove any stems that might be on them.

Dry well.

Place on a sheet tray. Don't let them pile up. Stick them in the freezer til they are frozen.

When they are frozen put them in a jar or plastic bag. If you do it like this they will not get frozen into a giant clump. This way when you are ready to use them you can take as many as you need out of the bag.

I decided not to freeze them all but used the last clamshell and made refrigerator blueberry jam. I found this great recipe on-line. Very simple! Thank you Recipe Girl!

Of course I got so excited I forgot we didn't have any little jelly jars or any jars for that matter, since they are all packed away in storage. Fortunately we had spaghetti sauce the night before and after washing that jar really well I used it.

Naturally I had to test it. What better way than on a toasted english muffin?

I'm not kidding when I say this is the best blueberry jam I've ever had! It is delicious!

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