Friday, July 24, 2015

Boy's Day Out

Hubby and his friend went for a drive the other day. They went to a few of the places we had been to before. I wasn't invited so these pictures are all taken by him. I thought it would be nice to let the boys go off on their own for a change.

Here's the trail tree going up the Mowich Cave.

A pretty tree at the top of the mountain. Noble fir, grand fir? Beautiful fir!

A muddy spring pond they found near the top of the mountains.

Remember this view? Much the same as one of the road trips when I went along and we were looking for Mowich Cave.

Then they went to Clearwater Falls.

Hubby's turn to be photographed.

At the top of where Clearwater Falls is. 


The water certainly is clear.

After Clearwater Falls they went to Lemolo Forebay 2.

They were gone all day. It was a good opportunity for me to clean the house.

I know they had a good time exploring.

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