Friday, July 17, 2015

Roundabout Through Cottage Grove Via Rock Creek

Tuesday we packed a light lunch and decided to take a little road trip. Our plan was to go up Rock Creek Road and eventually come out by Cottage Grove and then head back down for home.

The Rock Fish Hatchery was closed. I'll try and find some pictures of that another time, or we'll just go back when it reopens. 

As we headed up the mountains we saw a mama deer nursing her fawn. Mama saw us and took off across the road while baby went in the opposite direction. To our horror it looked like it jumped off a steep ravine. When we looked back it was safe; it wasn't as sheer as we thought.

The view at the tippy top. It was a beautiful day.

As we headed back down towards civilization we stopped to take this pretty picture. This is the coastal fork of the Willamette River.

We probably should have just had our lunch there. As we got closer to Cottage Grove we passed a few parks. Being the tightwad that I am I rebelled at paying $4 or whatever it is to stop for 30 minutes to eat lunch at the park. We ended up just driving home. 

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