Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blogroll Update

It's time for me to do a little updating.

Not much more than a year ago I had absolutely no interest in blogs or blogging. I knew basically what they were but didn't think I would find anything of interest to me. Boy was I wrong!

It all started when my sister, MT, told me I might be interested in a blog she reads regularly, Farmgirl Fare, who writes about her sheep farm and posts good, healthy recipes. Then she told me about a local lady, Roberta, who has a blog on Yahoo 360 called Life at a Boarding Stable. This was also of interest to me since she often talks about local goings on that I am familiar with. I wanted to leave Roberta a comment one day and found that unlike Blogspot, where one can leave a comment without logging into an account, I had to create an account with 360. I decided to do that and started my 360 blog with the idea that it would serve as a "for sale" site for my animals. I didn't like the idea of having an inactive blog for such long periods of time, so that site has evolved into a "Daily Photos From Around Our Farm." Well, almost daily.

Well, I got hooked. I'd always enjoyed writing and I thought "I can do that". I was excited about the prospect of practicing writing because in the back of my mind I thought I would some day like to turn all of my husband's funny police stories into a book. That thought is still in the back of my mind. It's one of those things I keep putting off out of fear (that it won't turn out like I hope it will).

I started my blog with a lot of long stories about how we acquired our various animals. The stories were accompanied with a few somewhat grainy photos. It was a learning process. Somewhere in the beginning Robbyn of The Back Forty found me and I've been reading her blog every day. Eventually she put me on her blogroll, a happy and unexpected honor. Note here that I'm #1 on her list. She says it's in no particular order of preference, so I just pretend it is!

Through Roberta's blog I was introduced to Ree, aka The Pioneer Woman, who writes Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. She is wildly popular and writes very amusing stories of her life on a gigantic working cattle ranch and matches them with beautiful photographs. Ree's photography brought out my latent desire to get back into photography. I soon bought a digital SLR and I love it. It really does most of the work for me.

From a comment on Confessions I found mappersnapper via The Park Wife. She was having a "name the photo" contest and though I'm not good at that sort of thing I took a stab at it. Turns out her son was the main judge and he liked my entry so I won! (Looking forward to that Starbucks card!) She is an accomplished photographer and I enjoy looking at her beautiful photos.

And finally another new addition to my blogroll is LOLCats 'N' Funny Pictures. Maybe I just have a strange sense of humor, but the pictures are funny to me. You need to learn "teh langwich of teh kittehs" though. You'll see what I mean.

I do have a couple of others that I read regularly, but I'm not going to post them on my blogroll because I'm trying to keep it at the very least "PG" rated.


Robbyn said...

Awww, Tina, thanks so much! I havent had much blogging going on over here lately, but I always get my tea and enjoy catching up with all you have going on at your place. Thanks for including me on your list, and among your blog friends!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, even "way back when" I first started reading them, your blogs were considered excellent.

Now with a year's worth of experience under your belt, I consider you an expert.

Also, it will be with pleasure to read those blogs recommended in this blog. How marvelous to pass inspiration on to others!

Thank You for your many wonderful and intersting blogs, Tina!

pam said...

Package is addressed, sitting by the door. It's in my husband's hands now, as he promised to take it with him to mail tomorrow!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Asthmagirl said...

Thanks for visiting today~
I enjoyed what I saw of your blog, particularly the puppy pictures!