Thursday, January 24, 2008

Last night was Gus and my first visit to the convalescent home. It turned out to be easier than I thought.

Many of the residents were gathered in a large "activities room" and Gus and I just went around to each table and introduced ourselves. Some of the people were noncommittal, but gave Gus a pat or two. There were a few that were very excited and didn't want Gus to leave them, even though I explained he had to visit with other people and we would be back later. Just a very few turned away and when I asked if they didn't like dogs they gave me a look of disgust. I just smiled and said that was okay and we moved on.

I think the activities director was pleasantly surprised. I heard someone comment on how Gus's tail never stopped wagging. They were all impressed with how soft and shiny he was, too. Even some of the staff stopped briefly to visit with Gus.

I think people that knew me from my "former life" would be shocked at how easily I walked around, visiting with all the old folks. Even I was shocked. I've never been a fan of children or old people and was notorious on the street when I was working. One of my printable nicknames was the "Parking Nazi". (I used to be a Police Service Technician assigned to Parking Control.)

That just goes to show that people can change for the better!

I left feeling very happy about how our visit to the convalescent hospital went. Anything to get that extra brownie point for heaven!


I finished the heart mosaic. I decided to go with the black grout to make it pop a bit more. It looks a little more dramatic that way. I like doing the hearts. They're fast, fun, and easy.


I finally got my Starbucks card from Pam for the "Name The Photo" contest from a few weeks ago. Pam had alluded to sending a little something extra and little did I know... She sent it along with a 9 1/2" X 7 1/2" print of the photo, double matted to 11" X 14". Now I get to go shopping for a frame so I can display it properly. So I really got two prizes! I'll post a picture of the picture in the new frame one of these days. Thanks again, Pam! That was really great!!!

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