Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend of Trimming

I am out of shape!

Friday I trimmed the goat's feet. They were terribly overgrown and I felt awful for letting them get so long. Trimming the goat's feet isn't too tough, really. It just involves tying her head close to the fence and using my body to pin her body against the fence so she can't wriggle too much. Then I have to bend over, get a good grip on one foot and start trimming. She kind of knows the routine, but that doesn't mean she is very cooperative.

After all four feet are done I give her a treat of sweet grain and all indignities are forgiven.

Saturday I trimmed all the sheep feet. The process is much the same as for the goat only they tend to struggle a bit more. I'm really sore today. Maybe I "trimmed" some calories!

Sunday I trimmed all the rose bushes, something that probably should have been done last month, but, oh well. I finished that up just in time to start watching the football games. The wrong teams won both games. Rats!

Monday was a day off for everyone because of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Originally I had offered to babysit while the kids went snowboarding. But then they figured it might be too icy so they cancelled. (By the way, when they went two weeks ago they took Wil, who ended up cracking his wrist. Now he's in a cast for a few weeks!) Just as a side note, on the news today was a story about some people who decided to go snowboarding or skiing and got stuck on the icy road for several hours. It would have been the same road so the kids figured correctly.

So then I had to make a decision. Shear the sheep butts (because they are getting rather woolly, which means their pee and poop are making for nastiness on their back end) or do another mosaic heart.

Hmmm. Shear the sheep butts or heart mosaic. Shear the sheep butts or heart mosaic. Guess what won out.

At first I didn't think I'd like the design, but after it was all done and I looked at it again when I went out to feed I felt much better about it. Now I just have to decide if I want a blue grout or black grout.

I'll do that after the baby goes home this afternoon. The sheep butts will have to wait.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful mosaic!

Also, goats and sheep have happy feet. : )

You're right, their butts can wait - at least until that soreness abates somewhat.

Hey, don't go disappearing on me through all that calorie loss! Oh, yeah, we'll make up for that this weekend -- heh, heh.

Love You,

Your BIG sister!