Saturday, January 5, 2008


Yesterday we had a little storm. We usually have one or two good wind storms each year and I'm not sure if we should count yesterday's among them. It did blow pretty much most of the day, but we didn't get near the rain we were hoping for. I see on the news that the folks to the north of us and over by the coast got hit pretty good. But the weekend has just started and we may see some of that rain here yet.

Meanwhile, when it blows like that the wind usually blows from the south to the north. We have a big empty pond behind us and lots of tumbleweeds grow back there. So with the wind blowing as it does, that means our back fence gets covered with tumbleweeds.

It wasn't too bad this time, but check out the size of this tumbleweed.

We'll just release it from our fence and give it a chance to find another home!

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Anonymous said...

WoW - What a Whopper of a tumbleweed!