Monday, January 28, 2008


The wind blew all weekend. It's kind of hard to tell in the above photo but you'll notice all the trees are leaning to the right and in the back you can kind of see the dust. Normally I don't mind it too much, but it does make it hard to feed. I can toss the sheep's hay flake in the shelter of their barn, and the goat gets her handful inside her little house, but the cows and pony have to gobble their hay before it flies away. Otherwise, they go hungry. Also because of the weather I didn't get to the sheep butts.

Saturday we had a sisters/daughters/granddaughters day. This may get a little confusing, but here goes. My AZ sis brought her daughter to her other daughter in Orange County. Then they all came up along with the OC daughter and her daughter here to Bakersfield. Then my sister that lives here, along with Carli and her daughter, and the out of town sisters went to lunch at a favorite Basque restaurant. (Eight of us all together!) Carli had to go to work after lunch so the rest of us went to MT's house to sample cheese. Not only that but then the AZ sis brought out some gifts that she had brought which were various mineral samples, a candle, and a giant jar of home grown honey from a farm near her home. Then we came back to my house where we tasted the difference between the brined feta (too salty for me) and the unbrined (which she makes just for me!). We hung out for a while and then went to Dewar's, a local ice cream shop and gorged ourselves on Sundaes and banana splits. Oh heaven! We came back to my house and my husband kept us all entertained, as he usually does, until the out of towners had to leave to catch their bus. We had a really great time and I'm looking forward to doing it again.

Sunday morning I was looking out at the wind and hoping it would die down a bit before I went out to feed. I noticed the baby calf had his head through the fence and I thought he must be looking at his neighbor, the goat. But 15 minutes later he was still in that same spot and now his daddy, the bull, was getting frisky with the baby. I knew something was definately wrong then!

I ran out and sure enough the calf had somehow gotten his head stuck. I was able to twist his head and between my pushing, his pulling, my yelling at the bull to back off, we finally got the calf freed. The bull was showing his frustration by continuing to pursue the poor little guy so I let mom and baby out by themselves until he finally cooled off. What is it with these male animals!!

Help! I'm stuck and I can't move and something wierd is going on back there! Mom! Don't leave me!

I went to Aaron Brothers and got a frame for my horse picture. It was the last day of their buy one, get the second for a penny sale. I wished I had known about the sale a little earlier, but nevertheless I was able to find two nice frames. I really like the "Vintage Three Horsepower Tractor" picture by Pam because it reminds me quite a lot of my Fred Stone print of "The Power Horses" just a different view!

"The Power Horses" by Fred Stone "Vintage Three Horsepower Tractor" by Pam

Now I have to hang it. I have plans to do some wall repair and repainting, as it's been over five years since the last time the walls were painted. I'm getting the urge to build something too. Uh oh.

Stay warm, all.


Pam said...

Cool! I actually clicked over and saw it with The Boy on my lap too! His words were:
"OH! I guess it got to her!"
Neat to see the other picture you spoke of too.

asthmagirl said...

Pam takes great photos, and that looks good the way you've framed it!