Friday, January 25, 2008

Stormy Weather

Yesterday afternoon I went with Carli and the baby to the pediatrician to check out a lump in the baby's breast. Turns out it was nothing, thank heavens. As the doc explained it: it's just the baby's body making breast tissue in response to mom's hormones from being in the uterus. The tissue was actually larger when she was born but was not noticeable because it was more equal sided. Now the tissue is dissipating and soon will be all gone until the baby starts her own hormonal puberty issues. (Oh joy for that!) After that I recalled a "King of the Hill" episode in which Hank's infant brother had milk coming from his breast (it happens to boy babies too.) I felt a bit silly about the whole thing but couldn't help feeling more relieved and grateful than silly.

As I arrived home it had started to rain and the sun was out at the same time. It made for the beautiful double rainbow you see above. I was just about to switch lenses to see if I could somehow get it all in one frame, but it faded that quickly.

The weather has been cold and fairly windy, so it almost seems like a real winter. It would be cool if we could have another snow like we did back in 1999. We aren't used to that and it quite literally shut the town down. I remember working that day. They put my parking control partner and me in a pick up truck and we were sent around to various spots in town to block off areas where there were downed wires. For the most part we just drove around doing nothing because everybody stayed home that day. It would be more fun if that happened now because I'm no longer working!

For now the main road connecting northern and southern California is open (I-5 over the Grapevine), but it had been closed for the last day and a half. I hear there may be more weather on the way, so it's probably just a matter of time before it's closed again. I do feel for the truckers and people that need that route for their every day travels.

For me right now, it's a good time to remain indoors. Have a good weekend!

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Pam said...

So glad the baby is ok! I am sure you are relieved.

Beautiful rainbow pictures :)